Vision & Goals

AEQUITAS is a three-year project that will develop a framework to address and tackle the multiple manifestations of bias and unfairness of AI by proposing a controlled experimentation environment for AI developers.

AEQUITAS is part of the Fairness Cluster Human 01 24, which is associated with the AIoD Platform, managed and developed by AI4Europe.

The objectives of AEQUITAS can be grouped into 3 main categories:

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Ease the assessment, design, and development of fair AI systems

Support the AI producers and AI consumers prosumers on the development/use of fair AI Assets on the AI-on-Demand platform that becomes a one stop shop for fair-by-design AI systems

Enrich the state of the art with novel algorithms and techniques for bias detection and mitigation

Generate synthetically biased datasets

Effectiveness and usability assessment of real-world use cases

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Public and private sector

Boost ethical compliant innovation

Promote trustworthy AI for the public sector and services

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Societal and legal

Involve society in the development of ethical, equitable, and fair AI systems relevant to different groups of stakeholders

Raise awareness of AI bias on companies, public bodies, scientific communities, local associations, and the public in general, and provide a knowledge-toolkit toward the development of socially equitable and responsible AI

Involve underrepresented groups’ perspectives and non-expert points of view in the design, development, and training of AI systems